Medical Device CNC Precision Machining

The Medical Device Industry is growing by utilizing proven technology from yesterday and designing products that need the technology of tomorrow. As technology has advanced people are living longer and becoming more active. The Baby Boomers are maturing and are exercising more as they have gotten older than any other generation (more than 50 million fractures occur worldwide every year and most are from accidents, falls, and activity related injuries). During the natural aging process osteoporosis becomes a reality and more activity at an advanced age generates more injuries (over 50% of people 50 and older have low bone mass, putting them at risk of developing osteoporosis and related fractures). These two scenarios have become a driving factor in the continual growth of this industry.

Witco has been creating precision machined components and assemblies for over 32 years and operates over 40 CNC precision machines in our 50,000 sq. ft. facility. Our experience and flexibility has given us the ability to machine a wide range of exotic metals, including; titanium, stainless steel, magnesium, platinum, palladium, iridium, plastic, and more.

Witco not only makes a great part, it has the technology to verify its adherence to the tightest tolerances with a Zeiss Prismo Super Accurate CMM and has been told by Zeiss that it is one of the most accurate CMMs in the state. The Zeiss Prismo provides the ability to check tolerances to a sub micron level.

We will continue to advance our technology and develop processes that fulfill our commitment of first time quality and on-time delivery.