Industrial CNC Precision Machining Contract Manufacturing

Witco Inc. is a CNC contract manufacturer that has been providing precision machined components and assemblies to a global customer base since 1977. One of the major contributors to our success has been our ability to create components for a variety of different industries. Each industry has different requirements, terminology, order quantities, and the components are created using different types of materials. Our typical order quantities range from 1-5000 pieces and we strive to not be just another supplier but to be a partner in the product realization process.

Witco currently operates over 40 CNC machines in our 50,000 sq. ft. facility and have experience in machining a wide range of materials including: titanium, inconel, astalloy, tungsten, magnesium, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, plastic, and more. We also offer a network of certified suppliers that can meet all of your finishing and heat treat requirements.

Witco not only makes a great part, it has the technology to verify its adherence to the tightest tolerances with a Zeiss Prismo Super Accurate CMM and we have been told by Zeiss that it is one of the most accurate CMMs in the state. The Zeiss Prismo provides the ability to check tolerances to a sub micron level.

As a contract manufacturer we understand that the importance of exceeding customer expectations and building a mutually beneficial relationship. By working with companies in several industries we have learned that there is more to a great relationship than just creating great parts. We offer non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, blanket orders, and "Just-In-Time" deliveries.

Our industrial manufacturing partners have been counting on quality products from Witco for years and have established expectations of industry expertise, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service.